What Dog Mascots Should Each Premier League Team Have?

What Dog Mascots Should Each Premier League Team Have?

Some ideas on what dog mascots should each past and present Premier League club have?

Now this isn’t a place for fancy science learning, so I have essentially chosen the dogs representing each club purely on whether I feel they suit that club’s image. Nothing more, nothing less.


Cute and hyperactive, but ultimately useless. This little pup gets nervous to the point of defecation when things get serious.



Knows its job and does it well. Occasionally does something really cool with the ball.



Looks fairly docile but will absolutely flatten you if you take your eye off it.



Obedient. Does what its told. Occasionally acts incredibly dumb but will tear you apart if needs be.


Crystal Palace

Uncoordinated. Can barely see or move.



No one really knows what it is.


Leicester City


Has had great success. Pretty happy to just laze around now. Not actually a dog.



Loved by some, hated by others. Laughed at by all. A total mess in all honesty.


Manchester City

This one is going to toy with you and eat you. Sorry.


Manchester United


Used to be a great dog. Showing promise recently but mostly just sits there doing nothing on big occasions.



Has seen things you couldn’t imagine. Bit bloated. Could be great if it had a decent owner.



Used to do loads of cool stuff, was full of energy. Really boring now.




Powerful, quick and potentially deadly. Prone to get distracted at the worst times and start sniffing its own behind.


West Bromwich Albion


Literally the most boring dog you could possibly imagine.


West Ham United


Just all over the place.

Do you agree with these choices? If not, please scream unintelligibly at us on social media.