What’s A Dog Lead Sleeve?

What’s A Dog Lead Sleeve?

When it comes to dog essentials the one thing you can’t be without is a retractable dog lead. They help to keep your dogs trained and safe. Whilst giving them that extra bit of freedom when the area allows it.

Retractable dog leads are usually pretty basic when you purchase them. For something that you will be using on a daily basis, doesn’t your furry friend deserve a little bit of fun and personality to bring with them on every walk? That’s where lead sleeves come in. In this blog post we explore lead sleeves, what they do and the advantages of having one.


What Is A Dog Lead Sleeve?

A retractable dog lead sleeve is designed to easily fit around your standard retractable dog lead. The purpose of a dog lead sleeve is to use it as a place to showcase important information about your dog. Such as if they are an assistance dog, to alert those that they are nervous or to inject some personality, colour and fun into those daily dog walks! We don’t believe that dog walks should ever be boring. This is why we developed our own range of officially licensed football club dog lead sleeves.

3 Benefits of Using A Dog Lead Sleeve

  1. There’s no denying that a dog lead sleeve can bring personality, colour and inject a bit of fun into those daily dog walks with your pooch. You can let your joint personalities run wild with them. Our range of officially licensed football club dog lead sleeves will help your dog feel like part of the pack! Let them take the lead and show the support for your favourite club.
  2. They are great for alerting others to specifics about your dog in a clear and transparent way which avoids having to tell someone that gets too close to the dog. They can even be used to alert others to specifics about the owners condition. Assistance dogs, nervous, therapy and rescue dog are all very common and incredibly useful alerts for lead sleeves.
  3. Never forget poo bags again! Our clever retractable dog lead sleeves feature a space in the design for a roll of poo bags or loose poo bags. Handy, efficient and easy! No more rummaging around in pockets looking for a spare one when you’re caught short. Because lets face it, it always happens on the day you forget bags!

Pet Mascot Dog Lead Sleeves

Our dog lead sleeves are designed for football fanatics who adore their pets! Our officially licensed dog lead sleeves include Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea to name but a few!


The lead sleeves are all available in 2 sizes (small/medium and medium/large) so do measure your current retractable lead before placing your order. Our measurements below can help you to do this.