Pet Mascots From Different Sports

Pet Mascots From Different Sports

Sports teams across the globe often unite with their very own pet mascot, whilst some are fictional characters, some are actual, real animals! Pet Mascots are the face of a team, they are the brand and attract people to join, and support them. They really are the lifeblood of these teams.

We take a look at some real pet mascots from different sports across the globe. Cuteness overload incoming...

Basketball - Butler Blue

Everyone, and their dog (literally!) fell in love with Butler universities pet mascot, The Butler Blue in his rise to fame on Netflix hit show, Dogs.

There have been 6 Butler Blue's over the years, and it is a pet mascot that is steeped in history, and one that continues to attract people to join the university each year.

Butler is at EVERY basketball game going, he brings so much support and morale to the entire campus, and is just a great all rounder guy! We love you blue!

American Football - Georgia Bulldog

Uga is the official mascot for Georgia University and was first introduced in 1956. when Seiler brought a bulldog that was given to him as a wedding present by Frank Heard to Georgia's first home game of the season. Since then, every Uga bulldog has been owned, and lived with the `Seiler family.

In 2019, Uga was crowned as the great mascot in College football history, we can see why!

Image source - Georgia Alumni

Football - Crystal Palace Eagle

Kayla the eagle was made the Crystal Palace mascot in 2015, and she could be seen swooping across the ground at every game. Kayla would not miss one match for the world, and the fans loved her!

She sadly died at the grand old age of 28 in 2020 but she still lives on as a legend at the ground. The eagle has always been a part of this clubs trademark, and you'll see someone dressed up as an eagle from time to time at the games still today.

Image source - Sky Sports

Ice Hockey - Pittsburgh Penguins

Remember this? An Ecuadorian penguin was actually loaned to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and penguin Pete had his own set of special skates to help him navigate the rink on game days.

Performing animals were almost acceptable back in the 1960s, but you won't see penguin Pete on the ice these days. Iceburgh the penguin is now Pittsburghs mascot who is not a real penguin, but nevertheless never misses game day!

Image source - BarDown


American Football & Basketball - Connecticut Huskies

Jonathan the husky is the official mascot of Connecticut university and is the first real husky mascot. He can be seen supporting the universities American football games to basketball. There's something so relatable and familiar that comes with a dog pet mascot.

Look how proud he is of his home team!

Image source: Connecticut Post

So, there we have it! A selection of very cute pet mascots from across the globe. Which pet mascot is your favourite?